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To tell it sweet and short  

Appointlet is one of the smallest appointment scheduling tool that I reviewed. It is simple too. They do not claim to solve every appointment scheduling requirement. Instead they are trying to solve it for the sales teams.

Your customers can book a sales call or discussion with you, or your staff. If you do not want customers to select the staff, Appointlet will allocate the appointments in round-robin. The staff and customer are notified. Appointlet does this, nothing nothing more.

Appointlet is your fastest route to automated appointment scheduling for your sales team. Simple, Easy, Flat learning curve. That makes it a tool that you can get started on the day you sign up for it.

Appointlet has good help documentation and a live chat support in PST. The team is knowledgeable and responds in 30 minutes.   

Appointlet review: who is it ideal for 

As I mentioned, Appointlet is a good choice for sales teams.

Who will find Appointlet limiting ?  

Appointlet is not ideal for other teams or service businesses currently. Even sales teams might find it limiting that they do not have a direct integration with any CRM. They don’t have direct integrations other than calendars, Stripe and Zapier.

There is no SMS notification

No booking allotment algorithm other than round-robin

What is Appoinlet’s business model? 

Appointlet has a generous free plan which helps them in acquiring new users and generating good PR. As common with scheduling tools, they also depend on the viral effects of a scheduling app – the app grows within the users of the app.

Viability of the company 

According to an interview offered by one of the co-founders in 2017, they are generating 35K USD in monthly recurring revenue, they had 1200 paid customers also. That is a bit on the lower side compared to other apps. I don’t know their current revenue, hopefully they are around 100K USD in MRR right now. The company has not raised external funding and the founder sounded confident about bootstrapping even further.

Appointlet review: How do they fare on the basic features of a scheduler? 

  1. Calendar sync – Appointlet integrates with O365 and Google calendars. Each team member can log in to their account and connect to their calendars. Of all the calendars, they can choose the one from which their availability has to be checked and new appointments have to be marked.
  2. Availability – In Appointlet, the availability is tied to the staff. There is no business working hours. The staff can set up multiple schedules for themselves, and assign them to one of more meeting types. Each of these schedules can have their start date and end dates, which can even be ‘starting now’ and ‘never ending’. Recurring availabilities can be set only weekly, not mothly or once in every two weeks. This is in contrast to the competition.
    1. Also, Appointlet allows you to start your appointment slots at times specified you instead of just a time range. You can have a slot at 10AM, 2PM, 5PM and set it to recurring instead of making yourself available from 9-5.
    2. You can also set a limit to the number of bookings for a staff per day.
    3. By activating pooled availability, customers will not have to pick a staff on the booking page. They will see combined slots of all staff, which makes it easier to select a convenient slot.
  3. Appointment types – Appointlet offers only one-to-one meetings. They do not have group bookings or classes. However, for their target audience, the sales teams, one-to-one meetings form the bulk. You can create many types of one-to-one meetings by varying the parameters like duration, location, payment, approvals needed, etc.
  4. Sharing – They offer booking pages for the business, staff and services. You can use them on your emails. They offer an embed code to add a ‘Book Now’ button to your website but not to embed the booking page as such.
  5. Online Meeting – There are integrations with all the popular meeting tools like Zoom, GoToMeeting, Webex, Google meet, and Join.Me. In fact you can add the meeting URL of another tool that you might be using.

Appointlet review: Differentiating features 

Appointlet form fields

Appointlet is a basic scheduling app. Here are some features that differentiated them.

  • Multi-organization – you can add multiple organizations that you are part of to your Appointlet account and manage all from there.
  • Priced only for those who take bookings – Appointlet bills you only for those team members who take bookings, not for the entire team
  • Their intake form had more field types than anyone.  
  • Regex field type in the intake form – this is a unique field where you can set the input to that field to match a pattern. I guess this is useful for entering currency patterns, meeting IDs, Dialling codes etc.

Appointlet review: Niche features? 

Appointlet has some features that is very helpful in the context of a sales team. Like Calendly and X do ai which I reviewed, and has sales team as their target audience, Appointlet also has focused on

  1. Webconferencing tools
  2. Telephone calls
  3. Google Map for physical location
  4. Intake forms – that can ask questions to qualify leads

Mobile app 

Appointlet doesn’t have mobile apps now.

Appointlet APIs 

Appointlet offers webhooks for a variety of booking related and non-booking related events.

Appointlet review:Booking experience for customer 

Appointlet review booking experience

Appearance: The booking page is very basic, without options to customize its look and feel. You can edit the text, upload a logo and picture but beyond that the page is a bit plain. They offer an embed code to add a Book Now button to the website. You can change the color of the button or replace the background image of the button to give it a unique experience.

Customer Experience: The booking flow is to select the meeting the customer want to book, followed by selecting the staff and times. The next steps involves entering registration details on the intake form followed by review and submission. Based on the redirect URL set, customer will be taken to that webpage. Also, the staff and customer will get booking confirmation emails.   

Ease of use 

Appointlet is the easiest to use among the apps I reviewed because it is a simple app.

Help and support

The help documentation covers the product well. There is a live chat support that is open during US working hours.

Bugs spotted

I didn’t spot any bugs when I evaluated the product.

Privacy policy

You can check Appointlet’s privacy policy here.

Appointlet’s pricing model 

Appointlet pricing

Appointlet has only two plans: Free and Premium. The premium plan starts at $8 per user per month when billed annually. They charge for members who can be booked not for the entire team. The pricing plan is simple and easy to understand.

Total cost of ownership 

This will be your subscription cost plus subscription cost for any app that you want to integrate with including Zapier.

What does Appointlet offer for FREE, for $10, for $50? 

Meeting TypesUnlimitedUnlimited
Form FieldsUnlimitedUnlimited
Google Calendar & Office 365YesYes
Go2Meeting, Zoom, & Webex IntegrationsYesYes
Automatic Booking NotificationsYesYes
Robust Timezone SupportYesYes
Speak your Customer’s LanguageYesYes
Option to Disable Appointlet BrandingNoYes
Automated + Customizable Booking RemindersNoYes
Pooled Availability for TeamsNoYes
Tracking ConversionsNoYes
Zapier IntegrationNoYes
Manually Confirm BookingsNoYes
Stripe IntegrationNoYes
Build your own integrations with WebhooksNoYes
Prepopulate form fieldsNoYes
Private Meeting TypesNoYes
Appointlet pricing comparison

When pitted against the segment leader – comparison page and table 

Appointlet’s closest competitor is Calendly. Here is a comparison of Appointlet vs Calendly.

Summary of other Appointlet reviews

People love Appointlet for how quickly they can set things up, which is true in my case also. It is simple, light weight and a good alternative to Calendly if you do not need all the features of Calendly. Appointlet has a close to zero learning curve. However, this simplicity comes at a cost. You will miss some features that are common: personalizing your booking page and emails for promoting your brand. There is no html or css or templates with which you can give the booking page a different spin. Also, there is no SMS notifications. People miss recurring appointments and group booking options. Those who need to have many to one or many to many meetings are missing that in Appointlet. 


Appointlet is a simple and affordable appontment scheduling to get you started. It is not the best or most versatile app in the market but it is quick to set up and run.

One-year review  

Often, you will find that the product that you started using with full conviction is not the one you need now, after a few years. The reasons could be that it is not able to scale, or the total cost of ownership goes enormous, the support is bad, there are no updates.

Our long term review is a way to observe how a product and the company behind it behaved in the last one year. This is an important read if you are buying the product for a longer term. Read our long term review about Appointlet.