Calendly vs Appointlet

Calendly vs Appointlet – which one should you go for? 

Calendly and Appointlet are good for appointment scheduling. Calendly is the leader whereas Appointlet is a competitor. Read our comparison to find out which one will suit your need.

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 A brief about Appointlet 

Appointlet is one of the smallest appointment scheduling tool that we reviewed. It is simple too. They do not claim to solve every appointment scheduling requirement. Instead they are trying to solve it for the sales teams.

Your customers can book a sales call or discussion with you, or your staff. If you do not want customers to select the staff, Appointlet will allocate the appointments in round-robin. The staff and customer are notified. Appointlet does this, nothing nothing more. That makes it a tool that you can get started on the day you sign up for it.

Simple, Easy, Flat learning curve: Appointlet is your fastest route to automated appointment scheduling for your sales team.

Appointlet has good help documentation and a live chat support in PST. The team is knowledgeable and responds in 30 minutes.  

Calendly vs Appointlet: Who is it ideal for?   

As we mentioned, Appointlet is a good choice for sales teams.

Calendly vs Appointlet: Who will find it limiting ?   

Appointlet is not ideal for teams other than sales or for service businesses currently. Even sales teams might find it limiting that they do not have a direct integration with any CRM. The direct integrations are with calendars, Stripe and Zapier. There is no SMS notification. Round-robin is the only booking allotment algorithm.

A brief about Calendly

Calendly is the most popular and widely used meeting scheduler. What sets them apart is the depth into which they have gone in the essentials of a meeting scheduler. They have done it keeping the user interface simple and minimalistic.

Calendly has one of the highest number of integrations, meeting types among meeting schedulers, and they offer the maximum flexibility in setting up availability. Their pricing is reasonable as well.

We are not saying that Calendly is the best for all use cases. If you do not have time to research for an online meeting scheduler that is the ideal fit your, Calendly is the safest bet.

Calendly has not gone deeper into customization of emails and booking pages, collaborative meeting scheduling features, recurring group appointments etc. You can check out Calendly alternatives who cover such things.

Calendly vs Appointlet: Who will find Calendly limiting? 

In service industries like salons, people visit salons for multiple treatments.  You cannot book multiple services in one go with Calendly. Also, they do not have the classes feature. Calendly has not given much attention to the service industry. They focus on a different target audience.

They do not have meeting polls typical to meeting schedulers.

Calendly does not have customizations enough to brand the customer-facing aspect of scheduling: the booking page, the notification emails, domain mapping.  If you are a company on the creative side, you will find Calendly limiting. Calendly appears to become expensive for teams larger than 5 members if you are on a tight budget for a scheduling tool.

Calendly vs Appointlet: Who will find Calendly useful? 

Almost everyone who wants to automate their scheduling! However, Calendly has a target audience – sales teams, recruiters, consultants and interviewers. Their priority for new features will be based on the requirements of this audience. So, if you are part of this group, you will greatly benefit.

What are Appointlet’s advantages as a Calendly alternative?

  • Free edition: Appointlet’s free plan is rich in features and has all the basic features including online meeting and Zapier integration.
  • Intake form: The intake form has so many field types which allows you to ask different types of questions to your guests.
  • Live chat support available from the Free plan: This is a real differentiator as you won’t be left waiting for a response during their work hours. The cherry on top is that it is available in the Free plan as well.
  • Easier to set it up: Since it is a simpler app compared to Calendly, you will be up and running in a few hours.
  • Meetings by approval: Calendly does not have it but this is esssential for many taking appointments. Due to various reasons, you will want to qualify or double-check your booking requests.

Calendly vs Appointlet comparison 

FeaturesAppointlet Premium planCalendly Premium planCalendly Pro plan
Cost(per month when billed annually)$8 per user$8 per user$12 per user
Unlimited BookingsYesYesYes
Unlimited Meeting TypesYesYesYes
Group events (for tours, webinars, classes, etc.)NoYesYes
Calendar connections per userNo limit set26
Google Calendar & Office 365 IntegrationYesYesYes
Calendar integrations with Outlook and iCloudNoYesYes
Personalized LinksYesYesYes
Add your LogoYesYesYes
Embed on websiteYesYesYes
Timezone SupportYesYesYes
Option to Disable BrandingYesYesYes
Prepopulate form fieldsYesYesYes
Unlimited Form FieldsYesYesYes
Payment gateway integrationYesYesYes
Redirect after BookingYesYesYes
Manually Confirm BookingsYesNoNo
Private Meeting TypesYesYesYes
Pooled availability options for teams (round robin)YesYesYes
Pooled availability options for teams (collective scheduling, multiple team members on one page)NoYesYes
Tracking ConversionsYesYesYes
Automated event notificationsYesYesYes
Customizable email notifications and remindersYesYesYes
SMS notificationsNoNoYes
Bookings DashboardYesYesYes
Grant Team AccessYesYesYes
Cancel/Reschedule BookingsYesYesYes
Speak your Customer’s LanguageYesYesYes
Zapier IntegrationYesYesYes
Intercom integrationNoYesYes
Zaper integrationYesYesYes
Zoom integrationYesYesYes
GoToMeeting integrationYesYesYes & Webex IntegrationsNoYesYes
Salesforce integration and supportNoNoYes
HubSpot IntegrationNoNoYes
Mailchimp integrationNoNoYes
Stripe integrationNoNoYes
PayPal integrationNoNoYes
Google Analytics integrationNoNoYes
Facebook Pixel IntegrationNoNoYes
Calendly vs Appointlet

Calendly vs Appointlet: Conclusion 

For most people, the default choice would be Calendly unless they want some of the Appointlet advantages I mentioned earlier. Calendly has more integrations, a larger help documentation, community and if you opt for more than 10 user, you will get live chat as well.