Salesforce alternatives

Is Salesforce the best CRM for you? All CRMs can do what they are supposed to do: organize your customer data. Beyond that, what do you want to achieve with your customer data? Your goals could be More leads Reporting and analytics Automation Customer experience Also you might have constraints like Budget Adoption Transition of […]

Five Salon Software That Offer a Free Trial

Salon software play a big role in automating salon operations, improving productivity, and boosting revenue. Beyond a point, the benefits of a salon software far outweigh its cost. There are many options for salon software and you have to find the one that is best for you. We always recommend taking a free trial. Most […]

10 essential features of a salon software

A salon software automates salon operations and gives you time to focus on improving the quality of your services, think creatively, and spend more time with customers, staff, and family. If you are planning to buy a new salon software or change your current software, here are ten essential features that you should look for. […]

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