Appointment scheduling app reviews!

Buying software from a company is like investing in its share.

Matte Research analyzes softwares for the service industry. Our major focus is appointment schedulers.

Read our reviews about popular appointment scheduling apps.

Why Matte Research?

There are two ways to get help in your software buying decisions. Hire a consulting company or read online reviews.

Consulting companies do not use the products they recommend and they do not have first-hand experience. Most often, the products in their leading quadrants are costly, and way beyond your needs. Nobody gets fired for buying a leader quadrant product! Do you want to play safe or do the right thing in your software buying decisions?

Online reviews and usually user’s opinion about how the product helped them or did not help. You cannot be sure that a highly rated product will work for you or that a low-rated product will not work for you. Each products is made for a customer segment. You need to know your segment and the products in it.

Our MR Spectrum is a plot of customers segments and the products in each segment. It gives you confidence that you choose a product that best fits your need.

Appointment scheduling app market

This market has many players and without clear differentiations. This confuses the prospective buyer. Matte research identifies the customer segments and maps the appointment scheduling apps that fits that segment perfectly.

Appointment scheduling app buyer services

We offer one-on-one consultation for those who want to find an appointment scheduling software for their business.

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Appointment scheduling app vendor services

As for the vendors, there is not enough research done on gaps in the market which makes finding the perfect positioning for their product difficult

Our aim is to help the vendors find their positioning in the market and the customers find their right product.

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